The Art & The Artist

The Art and The Artist

The Art

A deep love and connection with trees and forests inspired me to teach myself how to carve wood, and led me to other natural mediums such as metal and stone. Everyday I’m inspired by these elements and the majesty of nature, and I seek to make things that are in harmony with her.

The Artist

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, going to school, playing team sports, hiking, and working. After school I worked in residential construction and then custom cabinetry. I taught myself woodcarving and music to fill my evenings, and I soon became passionate about the arts. A move to my friend’s off grid property on the South Coast of Big Sur gave me opportunity to focus on my passions, and also introduced me to new mediums to work with. Today I focus on taking these raw materials and creating works that reflect the beauty of nature. Everything nature provides has an inherent beauty and my desire is to help reveal it.

-Cainan Schierholtz

More of my work

Scultpures, Pendants, Wood Carving & Earrings

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